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  • koaty 4:54 pm on March 16, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    The talisman of success. The rune Fehu on the chrysoprase. 

    Chrysoprase is combined with Fehu. And the rune and stone symbolizes wealth, success, abundance and attract money. But for a measured, gradual wealth accumulation, for a quiet life this talisman will not work. It involves action and the renewal of life of its owner.
    If you’re planning a new business, ready to take him with all the passion, to plunge into a new care and you just need luck, profit and prosperity of the project – this talisman is for you!

    • Materials: chrysoprase, silver plated fittings
    • Size: Stone height – 3 cm
      A maximum thickness of 1,1 cm
      Weight – 8,9 g
      $ 50+ shipping cost

    Chrysoprase bestows favors and fortune seeker, resourceful, creative people gives you the luck and success in new projects, attracts allies, capable of making important business meeting successful for you. And the rune Fehu will lead to stable, sustainable, tangible result. Strengthen business skills, give creative energy, strength and concentration will open new opportunities for earnings and profits will help you achieve the financial well-being. Fehu will also help to avoid fraud, and chrysoprase will save from envy, slander and evil eye.


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    Rune Fehu on the polished Double Terminated Quartz Crystal, Rhineston 

    Small natural crystal Quartz polished, Double Terminated Quartz Crystal.
    The crystal engraved with the rune Fehu.
    The hole for the cord diameter 2,8 mm.
    The height of the crystal is 3,3 cm
    Weight – 3 g
    $ 37+ shipping cost

    Fehu is the rune of wealth, prosperity, profits and welfare. Gives you the opportunity to save and increase wealth.

    Rune symbol, merging with the energies of the crystal also allows you to focus on the inner spiritual wealth of the person.
    It helps to develop abilities, to acquire knowledge, wisdom, generosity, help to make the welfare, good name and fame.

  • koaty 6:02 pm on November 12, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Boat. Amulet from mammoth ivory and black tourmaline 

    Boat made of mammoth tusk with patterns, hole for cord, diameter of about 2.5 mm.
    Crystal black tourmaline (schorl) 13 mm
    Black cord about 1 mm diameter and 90 cm long Included
    Weight – 1.9 g
    Height of pendant – 2,9 cm
    $ 50+ shipping

    Strong amulet for protection against witchcraft and work with subtle energies.
    The shape of the boat is not accidental, she is associated with the ability of the stone, which helps to look beyond the apparent reality.
    Energy of schorl (black tourmaline), promotes for mystical journey, well harmonize with boat. Ancient people used the boat as a means of travel to other worlds.
    Black tourmaline – shamans and witches stone, protects them in the performance of rituals. Powerful protective amulet, forms a protective field around itself, which reflects all the physical, psychological and energetic influence.


  • koaty 11:05 pm on November 8, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Rune Tivaz on nephrite. Amulet оf warrior. 

    I carve amulet with rune Tivaz out of valuable jade Sayan.
    The height of the stone – 1.9 cm
    Weight – 4 g
    Silver wire
    $ 37.50 + shipping

    Tiwaz rune this is an extremely positive rune signifying victory in battle and success in competition,rune of warrior, honor, justice.
    Nephrite is best combined with rune Tivaz, among the Turks and Mongols, he was considered the stone of victory.

  • koaty 3:09 pm on September 23, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Pendant "Talisman of success" of natural chrysoprase 

    Chrysoprase. Engraving – Fehu Rune.
    Price $ 45 + shipping.
    Weight – 3.8 g (with furniture).
    The height of the stone – 2.5 cm
    Silver furniture

    Chrysoprase perfectly with Fehu. Rune and stone  symbolize wealth, success, affluence and attract money.

  • koaty 6:31 pm on June 10, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Amulet of the jet with the Algiz rune 

    Algiz and jet – the best protection.

    Silver accessories
    Height – 3.9 cm
    Weight – 3.8 grams.
    Price – $ 37.50 + shipping

    Powerful protection and restoring the amulet.

    On the side surfaces of the traces of the natural formation of stone left. Uneven verge of natural origin emphasize natural stone.
    Algiz – the classical safety and security of the rune. It acts as a shield against any attack on the physical, mental, spiritual levels.
    Algiz is used to protect your luck, peace and prosperity, to protect against evil, against enemies, negative influences. Rune is a conductor of higher, cosmic energies.

    Jet – strength and tranquility stone. Indian magicians believed that the main task of the stone to protect man from the dark forces, absorb his pain and disease, dispel in his blackness all his suffering and doubt. It gives a victory over fear. Attracted to the house of luck, prosperity and well-being.
    A powerful talisman for adults and children from the evil eye, diseases and negative impacts.





  • koaty 10:53 am on July 27, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Hei Matau 

    Hei Matau – amulet of luck bone

    cord artificial

    Height pendant – 3.5 cm

    Price – $ 25 + shipping




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    Amulet lizard from the bone. 

    Amulet lizard from the boneAmulet lizard – very good fit for entrepreneurs in the field of trade, because it is a symbol of Mercury, the god of commerce and eloquence. The lizard was a good omen in ancient Egypt and was associated with wisdom.
    Lizards are beautiful and graceful, they attract attention to their appearance, speed of reactions. Native Americans believe the lizard – a symbol of agility and dexterity. The native peoples of the Americas there is a deep inner connection between the lizard and the power of fertility, the Pueblo Indians believe the lizard symbol of the growth of sexuality, to lizards cried the priests, praying for the health and welfare of the heir. In Holland, a lizard – a symbol of divination and mystery of female wisdom, many African nations – magic sign of compromise. Important magical quality amulet-lizard – vitality, fertility, divination. In shamanism lizard is considered to be companion shaman, and is the best totem for women.
    Sold, can make to order.

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    Panther Black Leopard which is not visible spots… 

    Panther – Black Leopard (which is not visible spots), it is very clever, elegant, graceful and dynamic large cat, a symbol of power and strength. The outlines of the sleeping panther Scythians saw on the moon during a full moon. Amulet Scythian Panther from the bone.Panther – a magical amulet and her image goes, as a totem to the ancestors. Used amulets, filled in the animal style, to attract the patronage of good deities and protection from hostile forces, their purpose is to magical effect – to drive away evil spirits. Plaques with a panther fastened to armor and shields, they symbolized strength, agility and courage of a warrior.
    Animals – characters Scythian gods. The magical power of the gods, gives patrons the ability to convey the remarkable properties of individual animals. Panthers figure refers to the range of animals associated with the Great Goddess, and was decorated with women’s clothes, tiaras, mirrors, also used in the women’s magic. Coiled panther – means the perpetual motion of the universe, symbolizing the process of rebirth of life.
    Sold, make an order.

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    Amulets of Ancient Egypt – Scarab. 

    Amulets of Ancient Egypt - Scarab.Amulets of Ancient Egypt. Scarab embodiment and symbol of the god Heper, the power of God makes the sun Heper roll across the sky, because the scarab, rolling balls, and was named Heper, meaning “he who rolls.” The sun brings life for all living things, so the ball scarab containing larvae, identified with the Sun, as giving life this way.
    Scarab out of the nostrils of the head of Osiris buried at Abydos, thus letting the resurrection of the god of the dead. Picture of a small beetle, tirelessly ride his ball of dung, became a symbol of rebirth and resurrection, the momentum appearing in an inert, but living matter, ready to begin a new existence.
    Scarab – a symbol of eternal life, health and longevity, protect against disease and fear. Scarab Amulet supports spirits, develops artistic ability and creativity. Bestows wealth and family happiness. Scarab – the strongest talisman, and therefore accompanied by an Egyptian, not only in all phases of his life, but after his death.
    Sold, make an order.

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