Bone Needle for Nalbinding 10,4cm

Ancient instrument – a needle for nalbinding.
Bone needle, a length of 10,4 cm, with smooth surfaces, polished to a Shine.
Nalbinding Needle – Tool for Knitting and Weaving.
Was single needle knitting by the bone needle (naalbinding) was widespread.
Nalbinding is more time-consuming than knitting, but the wattled canvas cannot be unravel by pulling the end of the thread.
Nalbinding was originally a male craft and in the Viking age, Scandinavian men not only went to military campaigns, hunting and fishing, they also to knit, using a bone needle. The canvas was sturdy, durable and good at keeping warm.

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To make the stitches smooth need a special flat needle and it should be quite wide, and its width depends on the thickness of the thread.
Most often they was nalbinding the stockings.
Special sweaters for sailors knit, usually with short sleeves. In order to the seamen’s clothing does not become damp from cold sprays, a tradition appeared to knit sweaters from homemade unpainted yarn, which was not cleared from animal fat, resulting in a water repellent effect.

Size: Needle length – 104 mm
width – 8,5 mm
thickness – 3 mm
The hole for the thread – 4х10 mm
the weight is 3,4 grams