Boat. Amulet from mammoth ivory and black tourmaline

Boat made of mammoth tusk with patterns, hole for cord, diameter of about 2.5 mm.
Crystal black tourmaline (schorl) 13 mm
Black cord about 1 mm diameter and 90 cm long Included
Weight – 1.9 g
Height of pendant – 2,9 cm
$ 50+ shipping

Strong amulet for protection against witchcraft and work with subtle energies.
The shape of the boat is not accidental, she is associated with the ability of the stone, which helps to look beyond the apparent reality.
Energy of schorl (black tourmaline), promotes for mystical journey, well harmonize with boat. Ancient people used the boat as a means of travel to other worlds.
Black tourmaline – shamans and witches stone, protects them in the performance of rituals. Powerful protective amulet, forms a protective field around itself, which reflects all the physical, psychological and energetic influence.