Panther Black Leopard which is not visible spots…

Panther – Black Leopard (which is not visible spots), it is very clever, elegant, graceful and dynamic large cat, a symbol of power and strength. The outlines of the sleeping panther Scythians saw on the moon during a full moon. Amulet Scythian Panther from the bone.Panther – a magical amulet and her image goes, as a totem to the ancestors. Used amulets, filled in the animal style, to attract the patronage of good deities and protection from hostile forces, their purpose is to magical effect – to drive away evil spirits. Plaques with a panther fastened to armor and shields, they symbolized strength, agility and courage of a warrior.
Animals – characters Scythian gods. The magical power of the gods, gives patrons the ability to convey the remarkable properties of individual animals. Panthers figure refers to the range of animals associated with the Great Goddess, and was decorated with women’s clothes, tiaras, mirrors, also used in the women’s magic. Coiled panther – means the perpetual motion of the universe, symbolizing the process of rebirth of life.
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