Hairpins for hair. A carnelian and a bone.

Hairpins for hair, a carnelian and a bone. The  carnelian – is applied by people since an early neolith. The carnelian is used as an amulet, and medical means. It possesses a wide spectrum of useful qualities and properties. The carnelian is the traditional love talisman, an alluring opposite sex. Promotes occurrence of love at carrying this semi-precious stone, at the same time protects from imposed love charms. Is the keeper from incorrectness in love. Promotes good luck in affairs, prevents quarrels and improves mood. The carnelian strengthens memory, therefore in hairpins it not only beautifully looks, but also promotes creative activity and promotes eloquence. Improves an insight and a presentiment.
Length 12,5sm. – are sold, exposed for an example.